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Just Has A Neet Experience.

Wed Mar 12, 2003 9:29 am

Thought I would share with you all, an observation I just made, that I thought was pretty neet. A couple hours ago, as I was departing Atlanta on 27R on an AirTran RJ, a Delta 762 was landing at the exact same might not sound like much to the average person and maybe not to some of you but to me I thought it was pretty awesome....
This was the scenerio....I was sitting on the left/captain side of the airplane, we turned into position and in doing so noticed the 762 on short final, our airplane applied full first as we started down the runway...the 762 was a little ahead of us...but in time we actually reached what I thought to be the exact same speed....and were parralel to one another...we rotated up and he coasted in.
I just thought it was pretty neat...a great way to end an AirTran company business trip to Atlanta.
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RE: Just Has A Neet Experience.

Wed Mar 12, 2003 9:45 am

If you liked that, try a departure out of SFO sometime when they're using 01L/01R for depatures and 28L/28R for arrivals.

ATC will have 2 aircraft position-and-hold for 01L and 01R, and just as soon as 28L/28R landing traffic clears the intersection, the 01L and 01R departures will be cleared for takeoff.

The ends of 01L and 01R are not even, and 01R is actually further back than is 01L. Thus, if you're sitting on the captain's side of the aircraft (on 01R), you'll pretty much be looking down the leading edge of the aircrat on 01L. The runway centerlines are only a few hundred feet apart.

So, off you go, and it appears that you and the aircraft are taking off almost in formation. Once you get airborne, ATC will turn the 01L departure 30 degrees or so -left- while turning the 01R departure -right 30 degrees, so their respective paths diverge.

Take a camera....and be prepared to swap seats quickly depending upon what runway you get assigned at the last minute..  Big grin

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