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CAAC, Airbus Discuss A380 Compatibility In China

Wed Mar 12, 2003 9:55 pm

The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) and Airbus held a seminar Wednesday to discuss the A380, the world's largest commercial aircraft, and its compatibility with Chinese airports.

"This is extremely important for the development of China's aviation and the selection of aircraft types. As a super large passenger aircraft, the A380 has a new design concept, and its operation in China needs airports to make changes," said CAAC Deputy Director Yang Guoqing.

"Although Airbus entered China's market later than its competitors, its business has developed quickly in China. Airbus' market share stands at more than 20 percent and is still increasing. Apart from the CAAC, Airbus has also carried out cooperation with airports and airlines," Yang added.

Airbus China president Guy McLeod said, "China is the most exciting market in the world, while the A380 is the largest passenger aircraft. I firmly believe that with the fast development of the economy and aviation, China will introduce the A380 in coming years."

The A380 will go into service in airlines in 2006, offering about 33 percent more seating and more floor space than comparable aircraft. To date, 10 customers worldwide have announced firm orders and commitments for a total of 103 A380s.

More than 100 representatives from the CAAC and its regional offices, China Aviation Imports and Exports Supplies Corporation (CASC) and airports attended the one-day seminar.

Airbus's business in China has been steadily expanding since it first entered the country in 1985. The Airbus fleet in service on the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macao has grown to more than 180 today from 29 in 1995. Four Chinese manufacturers are already involved in manufacturing Airbus parts, such as wing components, passenger doors and maintenance tools.

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