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TWA's Rome Base/Euro 727s

Mon Nov 22, 1999 5:13 am

With TWA recently announcing its withdrawl from Rome and several other European destinations. I remember when FCO was almost a mini-hub for TWA. I flew JFK-FCO on a 747 and then switched to a 72S for an onward flight to IST. I remember flights alternated days flying FCO-IST/CAI, but the flight number was always 840. In the summer there were 2 daily 747 flights nonstop to JFK(which were usually VERY full) plus an L1011 which went to Paris and the 727s. My 747 on the return leg was sandwiched by two Pan Am 741s. What a beautiful sight. Anyone else remember these glory days?

Also the aircraft I flew FCO-IST and IST-FCO was N54338, a 727-231A. I never saw another TW 727 in europe, but I have heard and suspect that 727-100s were based there because a bunch(I think 3) carried names of European cities. City of Berlin was on of them. Anyone have better/more detailed info?
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RE: TWA's Rome Base/Euro 727s

Mon Nov 22, 1999 1:24 pm

I was not aware that TWA flew to Istanbul from Rome. Thanks for the info. They also flew 727-200's from Rome to Tel-Aviv, London, Cairo, and Athens. I am not sure how many 727-200's flew within Europe. As for the 727-100's, I believe TWA competed VERY briefly with Pan Am within Germany. In additon to the routes you mentioned and the 727 service, TWA flew nonstop from Rome to Boston in 1985. It was flight 847. By the by...TWA 840 still operates from New York to Rome.....but not for long.

RE: TWA's Rome Base/Euro 727s

Mon Nov 22, 1999 2:33 pm

How were airlines like TWA and Pan Am able to operate within Europe without regulatory problems? Didn't the governments of Germany and France want to keep the market for their flag carriers? How did these airlines operate their intra-Europe 727 fleets with such impunity?