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Back To Back On 2 Airlines

Thu Mar 13, 2003 11:01 pm

Are airlines able to tell if you buy two tickets on two different airlines and use them back-to-back? Now that airlines code-share so much, I'm wondering if they now have the systems to find out if you are doing this. Is it illegal? I'm assuming they have policies against it and they might cancel your return segments. Can anyone enlighten me on this?
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RE: Back To Back On 2 Airlines

Thu Mar 13, 2003 11:28 pm

Quite frankly, it really doesn't matter even if you make two bookings on the same airline! Even if they were on a codeshare, doubtless the name might show as a duplicate booking, allowing the airlines to overbook an extra seat!

They don't care - they've sold you two non-refundable tickets, they have your money up front, and they will have two more seats available!

With all the recent provision of all sorts of personal information being given to Custom/Immigration, it is a one-way communication, and should not normally be shared (!!!)

Regular pax travelling often on the same routing have been using tickets like that for years, and often, with careful planning, can use both coupons from the same ticket in conjunction on separate trips.

Airlines talk about service, better products, etc ,etc, but they all are in the business of making, and more particularly, laundering money! They don't care!

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