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Changes At SYD International Terminal

Sat Mar 15, 2003 6:13 am

I was at SYD yesterday arvo seeeing friends of to the old dart and noticed the size of the outdoor esky bar had been reduced. I then got talking to a couple of girls from SACL and they told me that new bar/restaurant was under contruction on the roof of the terminal above the Esky Bar. It would feature an indoor/outdoor bar area plus a restaurant. She said it was due to open in May and that the views would be great.

Ever since they remodelled the International the viewing spots from the Terminal have been pretty pathetic.

Anyway else got any other details??????????

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RE: Changes At SYD International Terminal

Sat Mar 15, 2003 7:36 am

This may not be relavent but after traveling through the Sydney International terminal last June I noticed they have a bit of an overreaction to security. I had just gotten off a flight from the United States and was connecting on the same airline which was the same aircraft to Melbourne. They made us get off the plane and all 300 of us from our flight and one other flight go through security again. There was only one metal detector and one x-ray machine. After standing in line for almost 15 minutes since I was at the back of the plane I finally got through, went up the escalator and right back to the same plane.

On the way back through I had the same thing except the flight was delayed from Melbourne and they couldn 't get the door unlocked at the top of the aero bridge. By the time I got through security they had already boarded over half the flight back to the US. Seems kinda redundant to me.

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