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MD-90 American Colors

Mon Nov 22, 1999 11:18 pm

I saw an MD-90 at SFO on 11/21/99 in all white American Airlines colors with red/blue stripe and AA tail logo(unk reg) does anybody know how many of the MD-90's will be painted in this interm scheme? Even the back of the engines had paint on them!!(now,,this last sentence is a joke for anybody on the west coast of California(USA) who watches MD-90' snarly responses needed)
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RE: MD-90 American Colors

Mon Nov 22, 1999 11:40 pm

I would think all of them would be painted like this since they were all Reno aircraft and already had paint on them. Does anyone know if AA plans to keep these birds, they are truly an oddball in their fleet...


RE: MD-90 American Colors

Tue Nov 23, 1999 12:20 am

Hi, those MD-90's you saw used to belong to Reno Air, they were bought out by American Airlines.

RE: MD-90 American Colors

Tue Nov 23, 1999 3:24 am

We've been told that the of what a/c to keep from Reno's fleet won't be made for a year or so.We could not get delivery of new a/c quickly enough to support their routes as well as ours ;and since removing the paint and polishing is not a quick job only the decals would be changed now , the rest as each a/c comes up for a "C" check (major maintenance).There's also a separate timetable for redoing the interiors but i'm not "up" on that.But of course, the industry being how it is,i'm sure some of that info has changed already, "even as we speak" :-) FernAAndo (AA flight attendant)

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