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TWA Into Heathrow

Tue Nov 23, 1999 3:56 am

Rumor has it that TWA wants to get back into Heathrow. Anyone else know anything?
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RE: TWA Into Heathrow

Tue Nov 23, 1999 9:44 am

I have also heard this from a TWA employee. However....every airline in the U.S. wants into Heathrow so I don't know why TWA would be chosen above anyone else.

RE: TWA Into Heathrow

Tue Nov 23, 1999 10:02 am

I heard something about that a couple of years back. I had talked to a TWA FA who told me the company was interested in starting JFK/LHR service. Other then her comments, I haven't heard anything else.
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RE: TWA Into Heathrow

Tue Nov 23, 1999 12:51 pm

They've gotten to to beack of a VERY long line. Heathrow is one of the most sought after airports for landing slots. Right now, LHR's slot constraints allow no incumbant airlines to really expand, and no new airlines are given slots. I believe Virgin was the last new airline given good amounts of slots. Even BA, the airport's largest user is expanding at Gatwick, because LHR is full-up. So as far as TWA getting any landing rights will not be (AT LEAST) until (or if) T5 is built, as well as every other airline desireing landing slots.

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RE: TWA Into Heathrow

Wed Nov 24, 1999 10:17 am

It's not quite true that "no new airlines are given slots" at Heathrow; Qatar, EVA, Korean, Air China and Uzbekistan, amongst others, have all started services in recent years. Sometimes they are allocated slots at unpopular times. The problem for TWA (and Delta, Continental etc) is that UK-US carriers are limited by the Bermuda II agreement to two airlines each - currently BA, Virgin, AA and United. There is pressure for this agreement to be renegotiated, and with British Midland wanting to start transatlantic services, perhaps the door may be opened for other US airlines.

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