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Tue Nov 23, 1999 4:43 am

Does anybody know whether VASP and its affiliates (Ecuatoriana, LAB and TAN) are going to cancel operations because of financial problems? I have heard that an MD-11 was stopped in Toronto by the owner of the aircraft, is that true?


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Tue Nov 23, 1999 1:39 pm

It is true that there was a MD11 in Toronto, although I don't know what the reason was. It was parked here for the whole summer, and I thought the reason might be a mechanical problem, but it could be that the owner stopped it here. The registration of the aircraft was PP-SPD (I actually went on that particular plane two years ago) I am wondering if VASP is getting rid of some MD11s, because I have been seeing the same aircraft lately (PP-SFD). Usually they have a different MD11 each Saturday, but lately it has been the same one. I hope that they don't cancel operations because they are one of my favorite international airlines, but right now, you never know what might happen to them. I hope this helps...

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Tue Nov 23, 1999 8:28 pm

I've heard that the MD-11 was in YYZ while a leasing contract was renegotiated, and that Vasp got what it wanted from the leasing company. They have resumed flights with that aircraft, and went through a route restructuring for economical reasons. The frequencies to Europe were increased while flights to Aruba, LAX and Athens were discontinued. All Brazilian airlines are in a difficult financial situation, for many reasons, and there are plans for a change in the industry, that could even involve mergers.
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Wed Nov 24, 1999 6:12 am

well !
Vasp is a Brazilian Company, and i'm brazilian  , VASP will not stop your services, well, here nobody said that ! vasp is the company who have more particulars airplanes here in brazil, other companys have more rented planes that own !(not that vasp have more planes, but she has more particulars planes) and I think that the problem with MD11 is really technical !!

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