A Little Help To An Aspiring Airline Pilot?

Tue Nov 23, 1999 5:22 am

I am a junior in high school and am interested in becoming an airline pilot. I have a few questions to ask:

1. What are good colleges/universities that have good aviation programs?

2. What are the vision requirements for airline pilots?

3. What is the average salary for an airline pilot? (Commuter, national, major?)

4. I have heard many things about the interview process. Is this process difficult?

Thank you for your attention.

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RE: A Little Help To An Aspiring Airline Pilot?

Wed Nov 24, 1999 5:20 am

1. Some Universities are Embery Riddle University of North Dakota Flight safety International, Purdue Univ. and I'm sure there are others. And unless your an American you can't get into Purdue.

2. Vision requirements are, correct me if I'm wrong, vision correctable to 20/20, (w/ glasses/contacts, etc.)

3. Pilots make varying salaries but this si the last I heard, a 747 pilot at UAL makes about $250,000 USD. And Air Canada about $220,000.

4. Wouldn't know about the interview. I'm still in highschool myself.
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RE: A Little Help To An Aspiring Airline Pilot?

Wed Nov 24, 1999 5:32 am

If you are looking for the route of a traditional 4 year college, I would definately look at Western Michigan Universtiy. Albeit a party school trying to shed its image, they have a top notch aeronautics program that a few years ago signed a contract with British Airways to train some of their pilots.

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