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BA From Orlando To Gatwick

Tue Nov 23, 1999 9:35 am


Am i correct in thinking that BA offers a "charter" type flight between these 2 destinations.

My friend is flyign this and wants to know.

BA 2036

I read ages ago that the configuration on this flights i like 3-5-3 in Economy or something.....Can anyone PLEASe provide any details about the flight for him.. many thanks

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RE: BA From Orlando To Gatwick

Tue Nov 23, 1999 10:23 am

Last September I flew from Orlando to Gatwick in a BA B747-400, and the configuration was 3-4-3.

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RE: BA From Orlando To Gatwick

Tue Nov 23, 1999 10:33 am

this is a scheduled flight, as it has always been. the flight from LGW arrives at 3:15 and leaves back about 2 hrs. later...

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RE: BA From Orlando To Gatwick

Tue Nov 23, 1999 3:39 pm

I flew from LHR to MIA and from MCO to LGW with BA last year and honestly, it was like flying with two different airlines. The LHR flight was cramped, on an old 747-200 and the food was poor. The MCO-LGW flight was on a 744, the standard 3-4-3, excellent service, generally a very relaxing, pleasant experience.

BA has been ticked off about the use of its charter configured 777s, which now operate almost exclusively to Caribbean destinations, rather than to the US mainland. A colleague of mine was flying to Tampa earlier in the Summer and that was a standard 777 - luckily for BA!
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Tue Nov 23, 1999 4:03 pm


I'm a little confused here...what do you mean by "BA has been ticked off about the use of its charter configured 777's"? They don't like the 3-4-3 config. on some of their planes?

Thanks, Kaitak!


RE: BA From Orlando To Gatwick

Tue Nov 23, 1999 5:59 pm

On "holiday" type routes BA fly their 777s in a charter configuration. Very small Club World section and the rest 3-4-3 economy seating at a reduced pitch (as opposed to 2-5-2 on normal 777s)

What annoys most people is the fares aren't any cheaper and BA don't tell you you're going to be on one of these aircraft. They really are a "secret" fleet within BA and you will find no official reference to them, no seating plans in timetables etc.

The thing is if people knew they could probably take a charter flight, get the same service and save some money or take a charter, upgrade, get better service and still pay the same price!

The BBC's consumer program recently exposed BA's "new cattle class" as they called it - so now it's not so secret!!
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Jet Setter

Wed Nov 24, 1999 12:47 am

Just checked the new BA timetable and it DOES have the seating chart for the "charter version". They have a total of 3 in this config. And there's also a text " These aircraft operate 777 services in the range BA4500-BA4549".


BA2036 willl be on a 747-400. The BA timetable also states "Individual seat-back TVs in place on most 747s to Australia, Florida and the Caribbean" So I guess it'll be a 744 with the new World Traveller.

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I Stand Corrected

Wed Nov 24, 1999 1:02 am

There was no mention of it last time I looked - but that was a few months ago!
At least BA are now admitting the "charter" version exists!!!
I'm just sorry they feel the need for it at all - if you can only make money in charter config why not leave it to the charters and not risk your reputation on it?

Just a thought