Farewell Delta L-1011

Tue Nov 23, 1999 12:41 pm

With the L-1011 being disposed of so quickly I was wondering if Dela would put the aircraft in the new colors. I'm sure it would look fantastic and clean! Whenever I think of Delta I think of the L-1011. It will be so much different with them gone. Farewell , Goodbye Delta L-1011.

RE: Farewell Delta L-1011

Wed Nov 24, 1999 1:49 am

Hi, in May of this year, I flew on a Delta L-1011 from Orlando FL to Atlanta GA and I loved it!!! This was my first ride on a wide body jet and I was never uncomfortable during the flight knowing well it's excellent safety record. (Can't say that about the DC-10). Lockheed engineers did their homework in designing and building this aircraft. Too bad they couldn't keep it production longer and come up with advanced versions with engines from other manufacturers like Pratt & Whitney and GE to compete with the DC-10 & 747, would have attracted more customers.
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RE: Farewell Delta L-1011

Wed Nov 24, 1999 3:12 am

I used to fly the airplane between Atlanta (ATL) and Boston (BOS); for an airplane enthusiast there is nothing better than riding a classic widebody, as the L1011 is. The captains of these machines look like they totally ignore the technological advances within the aviation industry and don't need any of this computer stuff; just cool!!! I agree with TEDSKI, the L1011 is an excellent airliner and very comfortable to ride in as a passenger; too bad they will not be around for too much longer. I will take every oppertunity to fly in them as often as I can; this Christmas I hope to catch a flight to the West Coast either from ATL to Dallas (DFW) or ATL to Los Angeles (LAX).

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RE: Farewell Delta L-1011

Wed Nov 24, 1999 4:05 am

The L1011 is one of my favorite planes. I got 2 flights this summer on it. MCO-ATL, then ATL-MCO. The ATL-MCO was really nice. The plane didn't seem too beat up. The REG# was N730DA. If you want to see what the DL L1011 would look like in new colors, go here:

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