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HP Pilots Reject New Contract

Wed Mar 19, 2003 7:15 am

With US civil aviation being in the state its in, this sorta suprises me, especially w/ the pay increases that were included. Knowing there are always two sides to a story, I'm curious as to what the 'job security' issues were. Were they after a scope clause? Are there any HP pilots on here with some insights?

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RE: HP Pilots Reject New Contract

Wed Mar 19, 2003 7:19 am

It is just a death wish, if you are going to bury one (UA,) we might as well bury two and really get US domestic capacity back in line. This will really help WN out! Yes!! Way to go HP Pilots!! Don't give in. Miracles do happen.

Oh well, may HP get everything they deserve or more? Bye-bye.