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Tue Nov 23, 1999 3:14 pm

Ok, does anyone out there think that MSY can support a weekly or twice-weekly service to Europe? There has been talk that LTU will service the city from Munich, but that is on hiatus apparently. BA, AF, LH should consider service, but thanks to code shares, i suppose they figure why bother. I just think that the city does not get enough respect from intl' airlines.......AM just pulled out, but they sucked anyway..2X weekly D9S's to CUN. Grupo Taca goes daily to SAP and 4X weekly to CUN, AC goes daily to YYZ, and TW everyday to MEX.thats it!!!!! Maybe one day the airlines will see the folly of their ways.....I sure hope so. But for now, for service to Europe, all connecting flights through fortress hubs....and i thought 767-200ER's were going to make it possible for mid-size cities to get nonstop service? I guess not.

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RE: N'awlins

Tue Nov 23, 1999 4:10 pm

I thought that MSY (New Orleans, Louisiana) had some potential, but the alliances have just about killed even the slightest possibility of a European flight.