Holiday Season Warning About Usairways

Tue Nov 23, 1999 7:30 pm

Just a message to all those who are situated on the East Coast or are in a market dominated by USAirways.

You should be aware that there is the strong possibility of a strike and should keep updated with the NEWS link on this website.

There is the possibility that the Holiday Season could see mass CHAOS for USAirways and though I really really like this airline if you are flying during the next two months I urge you to seriously weigh whether you should fly them or not.

After the decision has been reached (and they get the raise they deserve) the FLY FLY FLY! They are a good airline.
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RE: Holiday Season Warning About Usairways

Wed Nov 24, 1999 1:14 am

Don't jump to conclusions too soon. The National Mediation Board hasn't released the FAs yet. If they don't by 11/25, then Christmas will be spared since the FAs will not be allowed to strike for 30 days after the release. I've heard rumors that the release request has been denied, but I can't find it anywhere, so I'll only state it that it is a rumor. I personally don't think that the NMB will release them because the AFA is obviously rushing to be released so that can screw up holiday travel. (There is much less traffic in January, and a strike would have little effect.)

I'm flying them tomorrow with no worries.  

(And yes, I believe that the FAs do an incredible job for the airline. However, they are already amongst the highest paid in the country. How would US compete with other airlines if they gave them even more? And CHAOS is downright dirty.)