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PIA To Reopen Chicago And Mashad

Thu Mar 20, 2003 8:40 pm

PIA to reopen Chicago, Mashhad routes
ISLAMABAD (March 20 2003) : Despite the dangers of a conflict looming large in the Middle East, the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plan to have two old destinations reopened in May.

The first will be the weekly flight from Quetta to Mashhad (Iran) and the second route from Karachi to Chicago (USA), which will operate with an Airbus 310, and will fly via Islamabad and Birmingham.

The last segment will be non-stop flight of nearly nine hours over flying Gander (New Foundland) and Montreal (Canada).

The Airlines has made known its intention of reopening these routes through e-mails to the travel agents, but has not opened the entries on the system.

The local agents, however, said they had sent mail-shots to their regular clients and business houses and in response have received some inquiries and also reservation requests that are being made on cards.

The bookings will be transferred to the computer when the system opens reservation folders for these destinations.

The proposed schedule that will take effect from April 1 has the entry for Chicago with flight PK795 that will leave Karachi in the early hours of Saturdays reaching there the same day in the afternoon.

The PIA officials here said even conflicts in the Middle East, the Airlines has made alternative arrangements for maintaining its operations to Europe, Toronto and New York.

They, however, declined to speak of the second air corridor that that the planners intended to use saying that more details were not made available to them here.

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RE: PIA To Reopen Chicago And Mashad

Thu Mar 20, 2003 11:50 pm

any news about flights to KUL? is that going to be off-line for quite some time then?