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Decayed Body Found In Landing Gear Bay Of ANA 747

Fri Mar 21, 2003 2:58 am

I searched the forum but didn't find this, so I think it's safe to post:

According to the press in HKG today, a decayed body was found in the landing gear bay of an ANA 747 on arrival at NRT. No identifying documents were discovered. Prior to coming to HKG, the aircraft visited NRT, SIN and PVG.

The Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong has investigated the runway and tarmac conditions and decided that the dead person could not have boarded the plane in HKG.

Why the heck would anyone in his right mind sneak into the landing gear bay of a plane, when he knows that the conditions up there are more severe than the average person can stand?
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RE: Decayed Body Found In Landing Gear Bay Of ANA

Fri Mar 21, 2003 3:02 am

Actually, the people who sneak into the landing gear bay of a plane often have little understanding of the severity of conditions at altitude (i.e. lack of oxygen and extreme cold). They've found people (frozen to death, of course) in gear bays on flights from warm climates wearing little more than t-shirts and pants. Most or all people who would try to stowaway on a flight that way are pretty desperate.
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RE: Decayed Body Found In Landing Gear Bay Of ANA 747

Fri Mar 21, 2003 3:30 am

Hi guys.

I remember reading an article in the New York Times last summer about two couples that were standing in the parking lot of a restaurant on Long Island NY saying goodbye to each other after having diner together, when suddenly they heard a loud SMACK!!! right behind them. When they turned to look, there was a dead guy lying in the middle of the parking lot. At the same time, an American Airlines jet (I believe it was a 767), was flying overhead on final approach to JFK. Other witnesses across the street actually saw the person fall out of the wheel well as the gear came down. One witness in particular saw the guy fall out of the jet because he was watching and studying the airliner ......... he was a pilot for American Airlines.

I don't remember where the flight was arriving from. I'm sure others in this forum will recall this mishap.

As Scottb mentioned, I'm sure these people are not aware of the extreme situation they are getting themselves into. They might be desperate enough to take the chance of getting crushed when the gear retracts, however, I don't think they know that it's about -70 Celcius at 39,000 feet.

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