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United 232 Heavy

Wed Dec 23, 1998 3:18 am

Does anyone know anyone who survived United flight 232 on 7/19/89? My mom (who is a 30 year UA FA) knows the first FA (Jan Brown-Lohr), I met her once.
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RE: United 232 Heavy

Wed Dec 23, 1998 5:15 am

I met Captain Al Haines last year. He came to The University of North Dakota and spoke at an Alpha-Eta-Rho parent's weekend banquent.

(Alpha-Eta-Rho is an international aviation

He is a very nice man but still doesn't know why he has recieved all of the attention. All he did was his job. If anyone ever get's a chance to meet him, do it because you will meet a man who truthfully loved his job.
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RE: United 232 Heavy

Wed Dec 23, 1998 5:27 am

About 184 people survived that crash. I would be VERY interestead if you have a ny further survivor information (like interviews and such). I have the NTSB report with all the names if you would like it. I have a LOT of inof. on this specific crash. Please contact me at . I would be happy to help!
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RE: United 232 Heavy

Thu Dec 24, 1998 12:40 pm

so you go to University of North Dakota. a rival to ERAU which is where I go. I have many a friends in AHP. you're lucky to have met Mr Haines in person. Ive only had the priviledge of seeing interviews with him. He did one hell of a job in svaing the lives of more than half the people on that airplane, including his own. Hes my idol as far as CRM goes.