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Lufthansa Late 1980s Question

Sat Mar 22, 2003 1:47 pm

While perusing the Lufthansa Summer 1987 timetable in my collection, I noted with interest that some LH flights (in the 5000 series) from FRA and MUC, as well as some other cities, to points within West Germany and to neighboring countries, were operated with EM-120, HS-748, F50, and J31 turboprop types. The only notation associated with these flights to confirm that LH was not the operating carrier was a symbol denoting "other than Lufthansa aircraft;" nowhere could I find what airline(s) actually provided these services on behalf of LH.

From the aircraft types and the date of the timetable, DLT was almost certainly one carrier who operated LH5--- flights at the time. DLT also had a livery much like that of LH. Can anyone confirm whether some (or all?) of the afforementioned flights in 1987 were operated by DLT? Where there other airlines who also operated some of these services? Does DLT continue to fly today by some other name? Answers to any or all questions are appreciated.
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RE: Lufthansa Late 1980s Question

Sat Mar 22, 2003 3:03 pm

Yes, the EM-120, HS-748 and F50 were from DLT, the J31 I don´t know, so far I know DLT still exists and is property of LH now operating under LH cityline. I think LH had a part of DLT in 1987 but not the whole company like now, but as said I´m mot 100% sure. If I find out something I let you know.
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RE: Lufthansa Late 1980s Question

Sat Mar 22, 2003 3:21 pm

Now I found in a book that, LH bought 26% of DLT in 1978 and in 1992, when the the name changed to LH Cityline, it was already 100% property of LH. Today it might be operating under the name LH Team.

About the J31 it could be of Contact Air.
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RE: Lufthansa Late 1980s Question

Sat Mar 22, 2003 3:40 pm

Now I´we looked at Contact Air, and they were operating for DLT since 1984 and had two J31. In the book there is a picture of a J31 wearing DLT colours.

Sorry for writing it in three different posts.
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RE: Lufthansa Late 1980s Question

Sat Mar 22, 2003 7:47 pm

Another airline who flew for LH at that time was Delta Air that later evolved into Deutsche BA.

OLT -> DLT -> CityLine

In the early 90s, LH partners flew under the CityLine label, but after the Contact Air crash at Paris in 1993, which was perceived as an LH crash, a clear distinction between LH proper (i.e. CityLine) and non-LH (i.e. Team LH) was drawn.

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RE: Lufthansa Late 1980s Question

Sun Mar 23, 2003 1:30 am

CityLine was still DLT when they ordered the very first CRJs. when they received them, they were delivered in the new Lufthansa CityLine c/s but i´ve got couple of pictures (modified promo pix, of course) and seen models of CRJs in DLT c/s, what a treat!

in the earliest years, DLT, which was formed as OLT (Ostfriesisches Luftfahrtunternehmen, *hope that is correct*), also operated some Dash 6 Twin Otters and the Shorts 330 or 360 or whatever it was called. for sometime they also sported an all-red livery making the aircraft (only seen the livery on the HS 748) look like a fire truck.

today, there´s still a small airline called OLT operating mainly from BRE, afaik, but there´s no connection to the former DLT except for the name.


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