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Bmi Loss Of €66 000 000 Disclosed By Lufthansa

Wed Mar 26, 2003 8:41 am

Deutsche Lufthansa AG - a member of Star Alliance - has declared that it's 30% equity holding in bmi British Midland - a member of Star Alliance meant that the former absorbed a €66 000 000 / US$70 158 000.

Lufthansa has a 30% stake in bmi minus one share. CEO of bmi Austin Reed said the FY2002 had left an "ugly scar" on the group and sufferred "the biggest single year loss in the company's history."

Lufthansa owns 30% of bmi. SAS Scandinavian Airlines owns 20% of bmi.

bmi British Midland - Lufthansa - SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Star Alliance Members

More information at the Financial Times website

Information was gathered from the above hyperlinked webpage. Full information can be viewed by clicking the above hyperlinked webpage. Information was rephrased and not copied and pasted unlike others with the exception of quotes.

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