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found some old photos

Wed Dec 23, 1998 6:06 am

I found some old photos of some aircraft from my travels in the good ol' days (1968-1971). I just wish i knew how to post them. One photo I took from the window seat of a Varig 727-141 shows a towering thunderhead much higher than we were(it must have been at least 40000ft+)! I believe the photo was taken over the Amazon region circa 1970.
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RE: found some old photos

Wed Dec 23, 1998 8:19 am

It would be nice if we could send pictures to a forumite with a scanner, and he or she could post them for us.
Just an idea.

Bob Bradley
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Post pictures

Wed Dec 23, 1998 9:19 am

If someone wants info on how to post pictures just email me. Thanks to flyf15 I know how to do it.
Ofcourse the pictures must be yours.

Faro, Portugal

Go to Kinkos

Fri Dec 25, 1998 8:08 am

If in the U.S. go to a Kinkos (or the like) and for less than $10, they will show you how to scan your pics and you can probably save 5-7 jpeg files to a standard 3.5 inch disk (at 640 x 480 pixel resolution) and then come to the website and follow the directions. You obviously have a computer since you are posting to the web site.


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