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Moving Map Display/GPS

Thu Nov 25, 1999 9:38 pm

I just have a question, is that moving map display like on 747-400, 777, etc, a GPS device?
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RE: Moving Map Display/GPS

Fri Nov 26, 1999 3:31 am

Hello Jack

If you mean the maps on the aircrafts screens/monitors this is a system called Airshow, produced in the USA.
A lot of airlines have this system which is very popular.

The system is connected up against the aircraft instruments and is constantly updated with the flight
route, speed, altitude etc.

The cabin crew onboard set time to destination and of
course the destination on a computer. This is done
on the ground before departure.

(I have been a flight attendant and have done it hundreds of times)

Hope this is helpful for you.

Best regards
Per sotvik
Just love flying

RE: Moving Map Display/GPS

Fri Nov 26, 1999 3:38 am

No it is not GPS. GPS is not approved by the FAA, JAA or any one I know. It uses the flight management system it still does pretty good.

RE: Moving Map Display/GPS

Fri Nov 26, 1999 5:41 pm

GPS is not approved by the FAA for what? While it is not approved to be the sole naviagtion system in aircraft, many GPS units are certified for IFR flight in the US. Further, while certification for GPS use by an air carrier is hard to come by, it does happen. For example, a friend of mine is currently in an extended training session in Dallas to learn the GPS that American Eagle's San Juan ATR fleet uses. Most Eagle pilots don't go through this training, but those who will be SJU based ATR pilots must.