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JFK T3 Question

Sun Apr 06, 2003 5:47 am

Hey guys,
Just found out tonite that a close friend of mine will be flying back from her vacation in Virginia to Maine, with a 3 hour layover at Kennedy. She's flying DL, most likely DLConnection, so im guessing T3. I plan on suprising her on her layover and seeing her, but I need to know a few things. How far in the terminal, as a non-passenger, can I go? (I have never set foot into T3 since pre-9/11), and when she is changing flights, does she have to (or can she) leave the gate area, and security to a gate area, or outer area? As this is a suprise I want to be able to get in and see her. What about the restaurant at the top of T3, would I be able to reach that?

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RE: JFK T3 Question

Sun Apr 06, 2003 6:04 am

The strange thing about T-3 and T-2 the Delta terminals is that the whole terminal is behind security, the screening check points are at the doors.

So bacically you can't get in the terminal any where without a ticket, even the baggage claim, or check in areas.
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RE: JFK T3 Question

Sun Apr 06, 2003 8:35 am

Yes, I do remember where it is at the security checkpoint before and I was came back from international flight on Delta and went to the customs and took me in the elevator to the third floor at the security checkpoint lane. I ate Sbarro there near the Delta ticket counter, too. Well, talk ya later!


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RE: JFK T3 Question

Sun Apr 06, 2003 8:51 am

I didn't notice that a few years ago. There goes your plan.... Next best thing is to phone your friend and ask if she can leave the terminal and meet up with you!

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RE: JFK T3 Question

Sun Apr 06, 2003 9:07 am

Actually, this has changed. Delta check-in is now before security. They've put big glass windows to separate the areas.... However, this doesn't really change your situation.
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A Sbarro At JFK!

Sun Apr 06, 2003 10:00 am

I flew on Aeroflot in january to Russia. Security was before check-in. Where is sbarro in T3? I want sbarro in T3! Tell me where it is?
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PS: I/my mom spend 8hrs there on a connection from BTV, we didn't know of a sbarro.
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RE: JFK T3 Question

Tue Apr 08, 2003 2:43 am

And I flew to Atlanta from T3 in February, security was after check-in. The Sbarro is in the food-court next to the Delta Connection gates.
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RE: JFK T3 Question

Tue Apr 08, 2003 2:48 am

Security for all Delta metal flights is AFTER check-in. Security for other operators at T-3 (South African, Aeroflot, CSA, etc) is BEFORE check-in. In that instance, if an item that would be prohibited as a carry-on is discovered in your luggage to be checked, it is bagged, tagged and accompanied with you from the security checkpoint to the check-in counter. The whole terminal is a F*ed up ghetto, and badly needs to be replaced!
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RE: JFK T3 Question

Tue Apr 08, 2003 3:04 am

I have to agree... I really do wish that they would replace that terminal and terminal 2. What I don't really understand is why they don't have more of the other operators use the check-in counters at Terminal 2, where all check-in is now before security. They've installed these huge glass walls, and now security is past check-in where the shops are.

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