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Thai's Fleet Plans.

Fri Nov 26, 1999 6:15 am

Did anyone know what kind of aircraft Thai airways int.
will use in the future?
And when their 747-300 will be retired? (I hope they never will change them out, because they are so nice)
And at least: which airline would you use for a flight fro Europe to Asia? (Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur)

TG 747-300
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RE: Thai's Fleet Plans.

Fri Nov 26, 1999 6:42 am

Well, I can't enlighten you on TG's plan for their 743s but I can give my 2 pennies
worth of thoughts on which is a good airline to take.

If flying into Asia and not concerned about direct flights, Singapore and Malaysian
Airlines are a good bet. SQ flies directly into Singapore from many European
destinations and have the added advantage of a seat tv. MH also flies from many
european destinations and on their 777s they too have seat back tvs. Both airlines
offer convenient connections to BKK is you so which to fly there.

Hope this helps.

SQ always my 1st choice