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Are There Any Airline Sponsored Training Programs?

Sun Apr 13, 2003 2:23 pm

I was talking to my friend tonight, she's one of the ppl who was screwed by the owners of ATA (Airline training academy).. She was telling me about programs she heard of, may be older, from airlines like BA and others in England or somewhere outside the states that would put you through pilot training and you'd work for them.. Only thing is- you had to be EXTREMELY SMART.. Well, I can vouch that she is.. But, after gettingh screwed over by ATA, she is looking into any and all possible options..

Sooooo.. Does anyone out there know of any programs like that? Oh yeah. She would not have a problem signing things like a waiver that " I will do this and work for you for so long afterwards" type thing..

Also, she is wondering about the costs to go from basically nothing to something , but not the costs here in the US.. thinking maybe UK or something..

Any info appreciated!!



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RE: Are There Any Airline Sponsored Training Programs?

Sun Apr 13, 2003 3:00 pm

I hope your friend learned her lesson the first time. Don't hand over all your money up front!
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RE: Are There Any Airline Sponsored Training Progr

Sun Apr 13, 2003 3:10 pm

They have a lot of good flight schools in australia. many asian airlines sponser their students there as it is cheaper and to actually get the qualifications and flight times is more easier as compared to getting it in the U.S.

I know for a fact that the pilot training lessons per student for philippine airlines is about P1,000,000 pesos ($20,000). but you need to be smart and you can fail.

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