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Asiana Or Korean Air

Sat Nov 27, 1999 5:13 pm

Which airline has got the better service , safety and entertainment... does Asiana or Korean Air havve PTV on their 777s?

RE: Asiana Or Korean Air

Sat Nov 27, 1999 8:33 pm

None of these airlines are good. They have poor safety record and lousy service. Bad for western passengers but they do okay with Koreans.

Nevertheless just, Be good to yourself and fly "Cathay Pacific - The Heart of Asia".
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RE: Asiana Or Korean Air

Sat Nov 27, 1999 11:28 pm

Yes, do fly Cathay. They offer good service, good entertainment and good aircraft for a VERY affordable price.
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RE: Asiana Or Korean Air

Sun Nov 28, 1999 12:07 am

Well Cathay is good, another good and affordable and interresting alternative is Thai Airways. They fly 777s into Seoul from Bangkok. Some flights even allow you to stopover in Hong Kong. So if you want to city hop, Thai seems good as well. But I am not sure about PTVs. I know CX has them.
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RE: Asiana Or Korean Air

Sun Nov 28, 1999 12:14 am

I don't think service is poor on Koreanair or Asiana, in fact they are definitely better than United or NW or British Airways. It is on safety that Koreanair are poor, and it is for self-preservation that I would avoid them - not lack of service. But Cathay are the best in the region, no contest.
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RE: Asiana Or Korean Air

Sun Nov 28, 1999 12:24 am

Not all the CX planes have PTV.Only 330,340,773 and a few 744 have.Last time when i travelled on B-HOT from Hk to Seoul,there is no PTV.But CX service relly good.

RE: Asiana Or Korean Air

Sun Nov 28, 1999 2:33 am

Korean service is fair...but the crew's gorgeous...
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RE: Asiana Or Korean Air

Sun Nov 28, 1999 10:08 am

I've flown Korean Air twice, on a domestic route (A300 to Pusan, A330 back). Fine both ways, but as others have said, the safety record is the clincher. I would always fly good old CX (or alternatively, any of the Japanese carriers, Thai or SIA). Ultimately, it comes down to this: how many other airlines do you fly with, where you look out to make sure there's a runway beneath you when you're landing? You sort of take it for granted with others!

Although Asiana has a much better safety record (well, who doesn't), what I have heard from PPRuNET suggests it is almost as shoddy (if not moreso in places) on the safety front as KE.

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