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Richard Branson's Ambitions To Start A US Airline.

Sun Nov 28, 1999 2:33 pm

I have heard that Richard Branson is planning on extending his airline business even further by starting an airline based in the United States. I was wondering if anyone knows what Branson's airline would be like? Would be exactly like Virgin Atlantic but based in the United States? Or would the airline be like Virgin Express? Would his airline in the United States be affiliated with Virgin at all? The prospect of him beginning an airline in the U.S. sounds interesting.
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RE: Richard Branson's Ambitions To Start A US Airline.

Sun Nov 28, 1999 2:41 pm

I was told by an inside source that Alitalia was looking at buying Eastwind for a US affiliate. So maybe something like this?
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Not Before Australia

Sun Nov 28, 1999 3:36 pm

Not before Australia!!!!

Branson is meeting with the Australian Prime Minister as we speak - discussing the possibility of Virgin operating domestically within Australia. He arrived last night on the SAA service.

Interesting times ahead in Australian aviation what with Impulse stepping up to jets (CO- 735's) and with the possibility of a new start up carrier - Skyways International and now Virgin, Ansett and Qantas are not going to be impressed!!!!!

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Bradley Mortimer
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