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747 To Identify

Mon Apr 21, 2003 6:14 pm

Hello, can someone identify the white 747 on background?

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RE: 747 To Identify

Mon Apr 21, 2003 8:39 pm

For starters, it is a 747-300... Don't think any 747-400s are old enough to have their winglets torn off for spares yet.
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RE: 747 To Identify

Mon Apr 21, 2003 10:48 pm

Actually, if i kinda squint, I think I can see winglets on there, albeit grey ones. Maybe this is the mysterious albino 744 that was seen at Nice so long ago.....

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RE: 747 To Identify

Mon Apr 21, 2003 10:55 pm

It has grey winglets if you look closely.

No idea which aircraft this is...
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RE: 747 To Identify

Mon Apr 21, 2003 11:29 pm

The phantom 747 rears its head again!

Ryanair - plenty of 744s have been seen without winglets for one reason or another (some in flight, I might add)

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RE: 747 To Identify

Mon Apr 21, 2003 11:36 pm

I might be totally wrong, but the first idea that came to my mind was Nigeria Airways:

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Photo © Keith Blincow

I know, they do not operate any 744s (yet?), and I know it's their old colours, but who knows? Anyway, it's just an idea.

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