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Hijack procedures

Thu Dec 24, 1998 12:22 am

I have heard many times that there is procedures for hijacks for different airlines. Codewords, aircraft confgurations, transponder code (see the ATC post) etc. Does anyone know of these procedures with any airline ? I would be very interested, or are they secret ?
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RE: Hijack procedures

Thu Dec 24, 1998 12:58 am

l guess in a way you are right in saying that these procedures are secret, and each airline has there own speical procedures in coping with various degrees of a hi-jack situation. lf there is one thing l can tell you all, is that at most airlines the flight attendents are taught to keep a very low profile during such a situation.
l was lucky enough to be an observer during a hi-jack exercise about 2 years ago. During this event, one flight attendant (volunteer), tried to act as spoke person, or negotiator for all on board the A/C, and the end result was that she was shot by the hi-jackers. This was, as l said, was an exercise, but the realism caused this poor flight attendant to have counselling after the result of the event. lt is certainally a lesson for us all to learn.
So my best advice in a hi-jack situation, is to keep a low profile. "DON'T" be a hero, and co-operate with all instructions. The other thing you can do is hope...
Lets also hope that none of us have to be involed in a real hi-jack..
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RE: Hijack procedures

Thu Dec 24, 1998 3:32 am

I only know a few of the procedures followed by certain airlines during a hi-jacking. However, considering the situation in the Middle east at the present time, I think it would be in all of our best intersests not to broadcast ANY of these procedures to the whole world. Thank you.
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RE: Hijack procedures

Thu Dec 24, 1998 4:35 am

all I was ever taught was the squawk code for hijacking which is not much of a secret. its 7500. it's one of three emergency squawk codes everybody should know. the other two are 7600 which is loss of radio communication and 7700 which I hope all here will never have to use and thats MAYDAY/PAN PAN
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RE: Hijack..Self protection.

Thu Dec 24, 1998 1:07 pm

KIWI is quite right in stating that hi-jack procedures are best discussed among those who only need to know them, which is something l forgot to add to my original post. What we should really be discussing, espeically during these uncertain times in the Middle East, is self protection procedures that we can all adopt for ourselves. Unfortunenatly there is not much you can do but to keep a very low profile, no eye contact if possilbe, co-operate with all instructions, and DON'T BE A HERO, or negoiator. l keep writing this because it's really the only thing that anyone of us can do.
Once again, Airlines and Goverments do have procedures, but it's best left for them to discuss and not us.
Please let hope that no-one here has to endure what is a very nasty event.
All the best..
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RE: Hijack..Self protection.

Thu Dec 24, 1998 2:07 pm

Be on an aircraft full of fisherman and canery workers heading north for the season. I don't remember when exact it happened but this guy(idiot) decided that he wanted to go to Cuba. So he attempted to hijack an Alaska Airlines 727 when it was halfway to Anchorage Alaska from either Seattle of Portland. That lasted about five minutes. Funny thing about fishermen when they are heading north for their season they don't like anybody getting in the way of them making their years money. The had him hog-tied in the back of the aircraft when they got to ANC. One other note about fishermen. If you need restraints for somebody at least five or six of them will either have duct tape or the nylon cord that they use to mend nets on them. I have an uncle who claims he made fifty bucks waiting for a plane one laceing up bags with the line that he had with him.

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