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Alaska's B727?

Sun Nov 28, 1999 9:43 pm

What has happened with Alaskas b727?
Hve you ever flown on it, or another Alaska aircraft?
If you have, how was it?
Have anyone flown on Alaska's b727 N290AS?

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RE: Alaska's B727?

Sun Nov 28, 1999 10:42 pm

Alaska Airlines stopped flying 727s a few years ago. You can check fates of all individual Alaska Airlines 727s on website (and search for "Alaska"). Many of their last ones ended up with American Trans Air, just like N290AS
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RE: Alaska's B727?

Mon Nov 29, 1999 3:47 am

"How was it?"


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RE: Alaska's B727?

Mon Nov 29, 1999 4:29 am

AS's last 727 flight was in September of 1994. The aircraft was a B727-100F Tail number N753AS. The flight was from SEA to ANC and then back to SEA. I was on the ground crew that turned the aircraft at ANC.

I belive that the last passenger flight was in April of the same year but don't hold me to that.

RE: Alaska's B727?

Tue Nov 30, 1999 8:24 am

SERIAL #1359, first flight was on june 14, 1978.
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RE: Alaska's B727?

Wed Dec 01, 1999 6:24 am

Alaska 727's were retired around 1993, they were just too expensive to maintain. I flew in an AS 727 one time in 1992. They were great planes.