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DC-3 Fuel Tanks

Mon Nov 29, 1999 12:47 am

Hi all, Buzz here. For fun i crew chief a 1937 DC-3. We did a short engine run last night after annual inspection, shorter than planned. People have been draining our 100 octane out of the sump drains.

Anybody know of a way to lock them up? I've got one idea, before i get busy making new parts i'd like to hear of what's out there.

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RE: DC-3 Fuel Tanks

Tue Nov 30, 1999 6:41 pm

That's a tough one. Afraid I can't help other than to say if someone is stealing your fuel and then finds out they can't steal it anymore, they may decide upon other means of vandalism. I would suggest that if at all possible you secure the airplane where it is less accessible. I fully realize that may not be feasible. Good luck!

BTW, are you in an area where constant checking for water is required? Or are you more concerned with contaminants? Just curious...

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RE: DC-3 Fuel Tanks

Tue Nov 30, 1999 8:27 pm

Sounds to me like you need to start sleeping in the DC-3 with a shotgun.