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White 767-300 In Taipei?

Sun Apr 27, 2003 3:57 pm

Hello all. Last night (Saturday night 26-4-03) passing through TPE, an all white 767-300 was rolled out of the EVA Air hangars. It had a small logo/flag by the door L1 and seemed to have a registartion. Alas it was too dark to read off. Does anyone know what the registration was? It is possible it is an EVA 767-300, but why would they roll it out all white? I hadn't heard of them storing any or returning any. Besides, it had a small logo on it.

Also, does anyone know the registration of the Global Express I saw as well? It seemed as though it had landed that afternoon/evening. It has some thin light stripes and the registration on the upper tail. Thanks.
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RE: White 767-300 In Taipei?

Sun Apr 27, 2003 7:30 pm

cx flyboy, BR is set to receive their first a330 sometime in june. their plan is to replace the 767's on a one to one basis. perhaps the 767 you saw is the first to be white tailed? I travel out of TPE frequently and will have to look for this the next time I depart. thanks for the info.