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Failed Start-Ups: Employee Reunions?

Tue Apr 29, 2003 3:05 pm

Greetings: Trying to see how much interest there might be in something like this: A way to reunite employees of start-up and planned start-up airlines. ( Here is where I'm coming from...

I was a Flight Attendant for 2 start-up airlines that lasted less than 18-months each. I got hired on to do two other start-ups that never got off the ground. At each of these companies, I made good friends and colleagues and we all worked very hard on these projects only to be disappointed. And the way that these start-ups flop can be so ugly sometimes (bounced paychecks/bankrupcy/stranded crewmembers/undelivered aircraft) that you can easily lose touch.

There have been scores of start-ups and planned start-ups in the past ten years or so. Did you or somone you know work for Western Pacific? How about Legend/ProAir/Air South/Air 21/Winair/Tri Star/Family Airlines/Presidential/Sunworld/Royal West/or Vanguard? Or any other of the myriad carriers that have come and gone? (Or thought they would make it) Don't you find yourself thinking about all your friends and colleagues that you went through training or the start-up process with?

I do---and I want to see if I can help us all get in touch with each other again! This will be just for fun: No $$ and no promises involved. I'll just do my best to put you in touch (I'm thinking simply emails) and hopefully you will be able to take it from there with the reminiscing...

(I was a FA but of course Pilots and Ground Crew are more than welcome to participate) Drop me a line if you're interested...

As it starts to come together (IF it starts to come together) I'll be in touch.

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