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NEEDED: JetBlue Info For ATL

Mon May 05, 2003 6:29 am

ok... here is what i would like to know

1) What termanal will they be out of
2) Where is the ticketing (What used to be there)
3) What baggage claim number
4) What gates will they be out of?

5) anyone know if Neilman is going to be dropping in on Wednesday?
(5 is optional, as I'm sure his schedule is classified)
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RE: NEEDED: JetBlue Info For ATL

Mon May 05, 2003 6:55 am

Here's another question. When will Jetblue start ATL-JFK service?
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RE: NEEDED: JetBlue Info For ATL

Mon May 05, 2003 6:59 am

1) Most likely Terminal D
2) Most likely the Terminal North ticketing area
3) Dont know
4) Theyll probably use an infrequently used USAirways gate
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RE: NEEDED: JetBlue Info For ATL

Mon May 05, 2003 7:19 am


Not exactly anytime for jetBlue began nonstop from JFK-ATL near of the future and Song will began nonstop from JFK-ATL for twice daily roundtrip on June 1, 2003. If they are competition of Delta and jetblue will let it go for began nonstop to ATL flight. OK? I know that about Song will kept growth need more expansion out of Florida cities to the caribbean flight. Well, talk ya later!


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RE: NEEDED: JetBlue Info For ATL

Mon May 05, 2003 7:37 am

Ticketing will be in the North Terminal (South Terminal is all-Delta). I'm not sure where their ticket counter will be at (I haven't been in the main terminal building in almost 3 weeks), last time I was in the North Terminal, they were putting some finishing touches on Frontier's new ticket counter (maybe JetBlue will be at Frontier's old counter). They'll most likely be on D (The ATL website doesn't list it yet, in fact it needs to be updated because it still lists Corporate Airlines as going out of D (not T) and the site doesn't yield any info), and JetBlue's site doesn't give any gate info either. They'll more than likely use one of the gates on the South end of D (my guess is D-5 or D-7).
As for Baggage Claim, I'm guessing #3 in the North.