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Air Traffic Controller Job

Wed Dec 01, 1999 2:09 pm


I was considering a career change into becoming an Air Traffic Controller and to my dismay I heard that because I am 30 going on 31 years old, I am too old for job.

Can anyone help me here with possible age restrictions and how long the training takes to become a ATC ?

Thanks in advance. I live in South Jersey by the way.
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RE: Air Traffic Controller Job

Wed Dec 01, 1999 4:49 pm

I know nothing of age restrictions but I do know that training is 4 months and if I remember correctly, it's held in Omaha, NE (I might be wrong on that though). But I do know that like 50% of the students washout and the stress level is beyond belief...

Check out those age restrictions more though, I can't believe that they'd have one because you're not old at all. Hopefully you'll give me ATC instruction someday!!!

Good Luck!
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RE: Air Traffic Controller Job

Wed Dec 01, 1999 5:18 pm

You had better hurry. Less than 31 years to work at a tower, ARTCC, or TRACON. 31 and over you can work at a FSS. Training is held in Oklahoma City, NE, I believe. Lasts 7 months at the academy and then takes a while to become a certified controller. Lots of on the job training. That is assuming you can even get a chance at taking the civil service exam. I don' think they are offering it right now. I could be wrong. Anyway, go to for more info. Check out the FAA's website and give them a ring.
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RE: Air Traffic Controller Job

Thu Dec 02, 1999 7:15 am

Might want to also check out the NATCA (union) site.. (I think)
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