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When Did The Last Major Airline DC3 Captain Retire

Fri May 09, 2003 11:07 am

Given age 18 as the absolute youngest anyone has ever been hired by a major airline, no one currently flying Part 121 in the US was hired before 1961. I'm assuming the days of DC3 to 747 careers are rapidly dwindling if not already gone.

Does anyone know when the last former captain and last former FO on a DC3 for a US major airline retired?

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DC8 (probably still many around)
707 (ditto DC8)
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RE: When Did The Last Major Airline DC3 Captain Retire

Fri May 09, 2003 12:13 pm

Let's see, NW has quite a few ex-NC Convair pilots and I would imagine a few ex-SO Martin (retired in 1978) pilots as well. CO may still have a few pilots who began flying DC-3s for TTA (retired in 1968).

As for the Big 3 (of today AA/UA/DL), the majority of new hires in the mid-'60s went straight to jets. (or at least the Electra at AA/EA/BN) By 1965, the replacements for the DC-6s and Connies still in service with the majors were all on the order books. It didn't make much sense to train large numbers of pilots for a/c types that would be gone in two years.
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RE: When Did The Last Major Airline DC3 Captain Re

Fri May 09, 2003 2:21 pm

I would guess that the Ozark pilots who went to TWA and are now at AA would take the title--since you said "major airline". I will ask the Capt. tomorrow if we still have any OZ DC3 types left.TC

P.S.--the guy I'm flying with is the ONLY FAA certified check airman on the Lockheed Constellation in the U.S. He flies the only commerically-produced Connie still flying in N.A. He has some awsome air-to-air shots in his bag. I'll see if I can get them in the database.
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