AirTran's Revamped A Plus Rewards

Sat May 10, 2003 2:51 am

I received my AirTran A Plus Rewards packet today. It's scaled similar to other airline programs but on credits rather than miles. Some new rewards appear to be offered like One-way upgrades for 4 credits.

In an effort to gain more of Delta's business perhaps, it even has Elite Membership (something that some of the LCC supporters here will groan about I'm sure). Earn twenty credits in 90 days or 50 in 365 days (not calendar year) and become A Plus Elite. Free Business upgrades from select fares (sounds like how Delta's 800 MSUs worked), advance seat assignments from any fare, separate check-in and security lines, no change fees, pre-boarding, and purchased upgrades from any fare. Not a bad elite program.... I know in the past some people here have touted LCCs for their treating of all passengers equally.

There is one downside.... They are perhaps learning from the troubles of Delta and have made changes to possibly increase revenue. Before this new program, one could buy three one-ways in Business with American Express and would have enough credits to get a free round trip in Coach. With the new AirTran Visa card tie-in, one must travel approximately twice as many one-ways in paid Business for a free round-trip coach ticket.

Four free drink coupons came in the envelope.

One other note: Only 1 credit out of the 1.5 credits for paid Business class counts toward elite, so there is no incentive to pay Business to make elite faster.