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"Air Transport Hvy" Into ADL Today

Mon May 12, 2003 3:52 pm

I had my scanner on this morning tuned to Adelaide approach 118.2 and i hear "Air Transport...." HVY calling on descent. The pilots were American so i'm guessing it was some US cargo carrier- UPS/FedEx or something? Then an hour later another one came in and landed- both on RWY 05. I couldn't get down to the airport to take a look but i'm very curious as to what type of aircraft these were and whom do they belong to??? Any of you Australian or more specifically Adelaide people know?
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RE: "Air Transport Hvy" Into ADL Today

Mon May 12, 2003 4:14 pm

Air Transport International is a cargo carrier with a hub at TOL, they run mostly DC-8's....they do a lot of work for the US military.

I would give you more but its 2 in the morning and I have an 8 AM meeting, but Im sure some others can be helpful too.
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RE: "Air Transport Hvy" Into ADL Today

Mon May 12, 2003 11:01 pm

As LV stated, Air Transport Int'l (ATI) does fly DC-8s....-63s and -71s. They also fly the last passenger DC-8 in the world (According to Airways Mag), which is a combi aircraft used mainly for military charters but spends most of its time on the ramp here in TOL. They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of BAX Global and serve the BAX North American sorting up in TOL with roughly 8-9 flights per night (other airlines such as Capital Cargo Int'l, All Canada Express, Polar Air, Kitty Hawk, and AIA make up the other flights). ATI has their main mx base in LIT along with the majority of their offices.