Qantas Jet To Newcastle Aust.

Thu Dec 02, 1999 10:03 am

Qantas, through a regional subsidary next year will begin jet operations using BAE-146-100 between Newcastle and Brisbane and Melbourne. In the Qantas press release on their website, it said reigionalS so maybe it will be Southern Australia and Eastern, the later which does not operate the BAe 146 yet.

This raises some interesting points.

1) Is Qantas looking at Newcastle (williamtown i think) as a potential bypass airport for the congested Sydney Kingsford smith. It has been muted before as Sydney second airport.

2)What does this mean for Impulse, who was also going to start jet ops. Can they compete.

3)will ansett follow.

4) what about other major regional airports like Tamworth, Dubbo e.t.c. Will they get jet aircraft. I once flew EastWest Bae146 on the Sydney-Tamworth-Gold Coast route.
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RE: Qantas Jet To Newcastle Aust.

Thu Dec 02, 1999 2:53 pm

The reason that QF are operating to NTL could be purely because of the BHP travel contract they just won off AN. Both MEL-NTL and SYD-NTL are too thin for a jet unless you have guaranteed traffic levels, and although BHP have closed down a bit in NTL, there may still be a requirement for them.

I think with Impulse, they are based in NTL, but I believe they were looking at doing something similar to what Branson has suggested rather than operate out of NTL.

With the efficiency and speed of the turboprops these days I can not see jet services into regional NSW for a while - unless there is a population boom or special event (ie. Tamworth Country Music Festival).