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Embraer 170/175 New Markets

Wed May 14, 2003 9:33 am

Do you think that the Embraer 170/175 could dramatically change the face of US (and abroad) aviation? With the smaller jet, would the majors see this as a potential for de-hubbing, therefore further reducing their costs?

With a lower number of seats than mainline jets, coupled with very low operating costs as well as a near trans-con range, would the 170/175 open up new point-to-point markets that the majors would actually look into and get involved with?

The 66 seat Embraer 170, with 2,100nm of range, is capable of many trans-continental routes.

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RE: Embraer 170/175 New Markets

Wed May 14, 2003 10:20 am

It's probably a little too early to say whether this (relatively) new breed of regional jets will be flying coast to coast in the near future. My guess is that they'll be seen on longer routes that cannot support mainline service, as well as marginal short haul markets from hubs, as USAirways has implied. I could see USAirways implementing their new jets on routes such as PHL/PIT/CLT to OKC, TUL, AUS, and SAT. I could also see these aircraft on current regional jet routes such as PHL/PIT/CLT to CLE, DAY, SDF, and BHM. It will definitely be interesting to see how USAirways places them into their system as the new aircraft come online.
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RE: Embraer 170/175 New Markets

Wed May 14, 2003 11:43 am

I can see US slowly using the extra CRJ's, CR7's and ERJ's to take the place of some mainline routes currently flown from the hubs to places like ALB, SYR, BUF, GSO, RDU. Those RJ's will free up some more mainline aircraft that will allow US to serve more Caribbean destinations with more frequencies as well as more transcons.

When the 170's come they will most likely start flying out of PIT and PHL(where US has yet to fully utilize their new commuter terminal). From those two hubs the planes will probably fly to longer routes that are currently served by mainline, that don't necessarly require mainline aircraft as well as some longer routes that you mentioned that US doesn't currently serve.
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RE: Embraer 170/175 New Markets

Wed May 14, 2003 10:08 pm

Uh....none of the RJ's have 'very low operating cost.' So far, even the projections have them being only moderately cheaper to operate than planes with at least 30 more seats.

They are good for feed...and incremental flying...but don't confuse the issue that smaller = cheaper.

RJ's will not be the choice of any low cost carriers.
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RE: Embraer 170/175 New Markets

Wed May 14, 2003 11:08 pm

Wherever you see a 733 flying domestic in the USAirways system, that's where you can expect to see the Embraer 170.

Quote from David Siegel, CEO of USAirways:

"We are the only major network carrier that has not yet reduced its mainline fleet on a permanent basis given that lower demand, but we are still watching that situation and haven't come to any definitive decisions there," Siegel told reporters.

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