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Charter Airlines & The A321

Thu May 15, 2003 12:07 am

Has anyone flown on an A321 operated by any of the following charter airlines - Monarch, Air 2000, My Travel, LTU, Aero Lloyd, and Spanair.

Please share your experiences and include comments on seating comfort.

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RE: Charter Airlines & The A321

Thu May 15, 2003 12:29 am

Time pressure put me onboard an A321 (not sure about the reg, but it carried the logo of German football champion Bayern Munich on its tail and a sticker at the front, most likely D-ALAM) on a flight to Malaga about two weeks ago.

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I´m not a fan of long single-aisle planes, and this was no exception. The A321 is my least liked type in the LH fleet already, and Aerolloyds A321 is worse. I would seriously warn everybody taller than 1,80m to fly with it. One of the most cramped airplanes I´ve ever been on. And surprisingly noisy as well (more than I know it from LH). Food was so-so, didn´t expect any wonders, didn´t experience one. Also bad: smoking was allowed on board.

Vote: not recommended!

PS: Just see Global S.S. B747-400F G-GSSA landing in FRA from my office! If weather is improving slightly, spotters might be able to take a nice shot later.

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RE: Charter Airlines & The A321

Thu May 15, 2003 2:14 am

I have flown on a Monarch A321 and an Airtours (as they were then) A321. Both were 220 seat layouts I recall.

No different whatsoever from any other UK charter airline in terms of seat comfort, 29-30" pitch which is comparable to the 757/A320. Prefer the Airbus slightly over the 757, "computer driven magic" feels like it flies on rails....

Saves the airlines money too over the 757 on a similar trip, only drawback is the 15 fewer seats on the 321.
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RE: Charter Airlines & The A321

Thu May 15, 2003 2:16 am

2 years ago I flew on a wet leased BMI A321 flying for Air 2000. The Captain left the cockpit door open during taxi and take-off, so I could see right down to the flight deck. It was quite an awesome sight as it was a night flight (was mean to be afternoon but you know UK Charter airlines  Wink/being sarcastic ) and the panel was fully lit up by the instrument lights. The flight itself was as good as can be expected, I was quite impressed though as it was my first Bus ride and the aircraft looked quite new. It didn't quite go up like a 757/777/MD-11, but it wasn't exactly slow on the ground run either.

Safe Flying
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RE: Charter Airlines & The A321

Thu May 15, 2003 6:04 pm

Probably should be in trip reports, but here's details of my flight with Airtours on A321 G VOLH during October 99 from CWL-HER

Flight was on nearly new Airbus A321. Was generally smooth, but some strange noise and vibration on climb out of Cardiff.

Inflight film (4 Weddings & a Funeral) helped time pass more quickly.

Food and cabin crew were OK, nothing special.

Return flight a fortnight later was uneventful once we got away

Same A321 as outbound.

Start up was accompanied by clouds on condensation through air conditioning - some wondered whether it was smoke at first.

On taxi out to end of runway there was a lot of clanking noises coming from the undercarriage, these didn't sound good and I've never heard anything like this on the many times I've flown - I thought this was a plane that needed its maintenance at the end of a busy season.

Once we took off, the flight was OK.
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RE: Charter Airlines & The A321

Thu May 15, 2003 7:10 pm

I think that people over 1.8m height are cramped on charter flights reagardless of the plane's make. I'm 1.88m and flying on Airtours (IIRC a 752) caused me constant physical pain.

Finnair's 321 was much better, but as I said the operative words here are Airtours and Finnair, not 752 and 321.
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RE: Charter Airlines & The A321

Thu May 15, 2003 9:28 pm

Same here: Charter planes are a constant threat to the health of people my size (1,90m), and probably even much smaller ones. So that doesn't count really.

And before someone starts another A vs. B war: I flew FRA-PMI on a brandnew Condor 757-300, one of the most beautiful aircraft in the skies nowadays, and on the inside it was....my legs immediately start hurting again just from the memory!!!

Recently I was on a 738 of Hapag-Lloyd (TUI), and it was somewhat better, same with their A310's, so you have to be very picky when choosing your holiday carrier!
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