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Thu Dec 02, 1999 3:09 pm

Does anyone had ever flied with ANA from Dulles (Washington DC) to Tokyo, I flew it twice, and I don't think I will ever fly it again. Let me know if some of you have experience with ANA (all nippon airways).
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Thu Dec 02, 1999 10:11 pm

Why won't you ever fly with ANA again ??? Were the flights so poor ???
I flew already twice with ANA from Europe to Japan and I was always very, very satisfied with their inflight service. Newly, they introduce PTVs also in Economy Class (Techno Jumbo).
I think that the Cabin Attendants are always very helpful and they even served me a green tea before take off because I had to be reseated...
That's service.

So, tell me about your experiences with ANA !


Fri Dec 03, 1999 1:30 am

Hi there

Last summer I have to wait at Dulles for 6 hours, for the delay. And there was one time I had bought round trip tickets, but use only one way, and ask for refund for the rest, I was refused. I don't think other airlines behave like this (even my ticket is a discount ticket it still have some value on the part that not being used). Tell me about your opinion.

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Fri Dec 03, 1999 5:14 am

I find Japanese airlines wonderful; flew from Tokyo to Osaka on an ANA 773. I really pushed them, in that I changed my flight from a 747SR to a 773 (which I now regret - not because I don't like the 773, but because I ended up flying a CX 773 anyway and the 747SR is unique to Japan). Anyway, ground and cabin crew were wonderful, both on that flight and on the Fukuoka - Kansai service. I couldn't possibly fault them and I intend to get a 747SR flight on my next trip over there.

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