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SEATAC WX Alert!!!

Thu Dec 24, 1998 1:36 pm

WX= weather,
For those of you traveling in or out of
Seattle this week look out! A huge storm
is just about to pound Washington and
Oregon! Snow everywhere with reduced
visibilities and high wind. I belive everyflight
going in or out of SeaTac will be seriously delayed!
Good luck and stay safe! Just a little heads up
from the weather man! (aka FedEx)
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RE: Can you send some this way.

Thu Dec 24, 1998 9:17 pm

lt's too hot here at the moment in Melbourne Australia, especially for X-Mas. lt's 23:15 and it's currently 25c (77f). For X-Mas day they reckon 35c (95f). Some of Seattle snow and cool weather would be most welcome here...Wanna trade....:-)
See Yah..