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Article On Jetblue's Airbus Order (A V. B)

Wed May 21, 2003 7:12 am

I found an interesting article on JetBlue's order of 65 Airbus planes. Here's an editorial...

"Nothing unpatriotic about buying Airbus
Published May 19, 2003

True blue: Recently, a letter to the editor of this newspaper criticized JetBlue for purchasing 65 Airbus jetliners, saying that took business away from Chicago-based Boeing and thus hurt America.

The reason: France is a "significant partner in the Airbus consortium," the writer said. And France, as we all know, failed to fully support the U.S. effort in Iraq."

More at the Sun Sentinel website
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RE: Article On Jetblue's Airbus Order (A V. B)

Wed May 21, 2003 11:05 am

SHAME ON YOU for trying to start another A vs. B war! (just kidding Big grin) Although I, myself would prefer to see more U.S. airlines buy Boeing, the editor's position was myopic, given Jet Blue was already an established Airbus customer. Jet Blue selected the A320 for whatever reason, good deal, preference for fly-by-wire, etc. Political/nationalistic concerns should never supercede an airline's own business reasons for selecting an aircraft type-and this should apply to European and other airlines, as well as U.S. ones.