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Sabena Flight To Kinshasa

Sat Dec 04, 1999 7:45 pm

Hi friends,

does anyone know what kind of aircrafts SABENA
use on its Kinshasa route (RD Congo) and who is in charge of ATC (approach control, and so on) in this area (are the planes vectored or sometimes they
make visual approach ?) !! thank you in advance,


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RE: Sabena Flight To Kinshasa

Sun Dec 05, 1999 1:28 am

Sabena flies to KINSHASA 4 times a week with Airbus
340 and 330.
No vectors could be given by Kinshasa ATC just because they have no radar.
Aircrafts are given procedural instructions if needed, or are just allowed to do the type of approach they want if there is no conflicting traffic.