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Sun Dec 05, 1999 6:24 am

Once there was someone whose name was farhan ali what happened to him. he posted very frequently
hes name nickname was UAL777.


P.S what happened to CX747

Please dont delete this post.

RE: UAL777&CX747

Wed Dec 08, 1999 2:17 pm

Well,I guess United777 was banned when I checked back.I'll check on CX747 soon.

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Heart Attack?

Wed Dec 08, 1999 8:04 pm

Oh, maybe CX747 had an heart attack after having found proofs that 1. Boeing also gets government support, and 2. Airbus indeed also sells some of their planes because of performance reasons...

Just kidding!
I hope he is back soon, as discussing without him is not as enjoying...

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RE: Heart Attack?

Wed Dec 08, 1999 9:01 pm

Gundu are you talking about farhan ali?
Why did he get banned?

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