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Fox Denied To Blow Up Plane...

Sun Dec 05, 1999 12:05 pm

In my Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine it mentioned that the TV-Giant FOX was denied to blow up a B747 in midair and have the flight crew eject. It also mentioned that a new proposal by FOX to blow up a Convair 990 is being planned but that it would probably take months before a decision would be made by the FAA.
I tell you, there are a bunch brainless people @ FOX - this entire cenario is completely insane.


It Is Not On!

Sun Dec 05, 1999 1:56 pm

Fox is not allowed to blow up any aircraft. The FAA said it would be unsafe and the only reason they would ever do that is for testing not for entertainment!! The people from Riddle where going to investigate it though but it will not happen.