Close Call In Tarmac Today At ATL

Sun Dec 05, 1999 12:23 pm

I was coming back from a friend's house in which we were trying to finish building a modeled T-1 aircraft, when I decided to go by ATL for a while. While at the international terminal, we saw a Lufthansa A340-300 (Offenbach) begin push-back procedure. As it proceeded, one of the trolley crews decided to transit right behind the aircraft while it was pushing back. Wait, even worse, the guy suddenly let go of a large black-coloured box which fell in the path about 20 meters behind the aircraft which was pushing back, and, the guy didn't even notice it. You should have witnessed the panic that stroke the ground crew as you would expect. One fellow tried to run behind the aircraft to push the box away but he noticed he wouldn't make it-- so signalled to the 'push-back' truck to hold and it stopped rather swiftly bouncing the aircraft pretty hard. It was indeed a very close call, mainly because a collision with the box would create fair damage to the landing gear as a crack in its hydraulic housing boxes could very much affect the main shaft and most probably ruin the baffle platform. I guess it is the consequence of being the busiest airport in the world. A small distraction could be quite pricy.

PS: I wonder what would happen with the guy's job after this incident... Anyway