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Airports That Have Every A, B And McD Type

Sat May 31, 2003 12:38 pm

What airports have every type of aircraft by Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas?

My guess would be LHR and you probably could throw in Fokker and Lockheed there too.

Here at MCO we have ALMOST every type. (these are planes that I HAVE seen since moving down here a month ago

717- Air Tran
727-100 Planet, Ryan
727-200- Fed Ex, DHL, Kitty Hawk, Miami Air, Champion and some charters
737-200 Delta Express, Southwest
737-300 USAirways, United, Southwest, Continental
737-400 USAirways
737-500 Continental, United (surprising I havent seen a Southwest one yet)
737-700 Continental, Southwest, COPA (with winglets)
737-800 American, Delta, Continental, ATA, Sun Country. Miami Air
737-900 Continental, Alaska
747-200 Virgin, Air Atlanta (as Virgin flight)
747-400 Virgin
757-200 AA, United, Delta, Northwest, Song, ATA, Continental, USAirways, UPS,
757-300 ATA, Continental, Northwest
767-200 Delta, Continental, USAirways, Airborne Express
767-300 Delta, United, Martinair, Condor
767-400 Delta, Continental
777-200 Delta, British
A300- American, UPS, and an all white cargo one
A310- Air Transat
A319- Northwest, United, USAirways, Air Canada, Frontier
A320- Northwest, United, USAirways, Air Canada, America West, Air Jamaica, Jet Blue, Mexicana, Sky Service
A321- Air Canada, USAirways
A330-200 LTU
DC-8-70- ATI
DC-9-30 Air Tran, Airborne Express
DC-10 Fed Ex
MD-11- Delta, Fed Ex
MD-80 AA, Delta, Continental, Spirit, Midwest, AeroMexico
L1011- Air Transat

Really the only MAJOR type MCO is missing is the A340, subtypes MCO is missing the 707 (but I can go to SFB and See John's) 737-100,600, 747-100,SP and 300, 777-300, A330-300, DC-8-60, DC-9-10,40,50