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Approaches Into New York City

Mon Dec 06, 1999 12:31 pm

Hi everyone!
I have some questions regarding LGA and JFK for all New Yorkers out there.

How is the Canarsie VOR Approach flown into JFK's 13L/R, besides very carefully? What other arrival routes to these runways exist besides Canarsie? Are operations at LGA affected when JFK's 13L/R are in use? Are planes allowed to fly over Manhattan when on final approach to JFK's 13L/R?

I would really appreciate any answer, thanks in advance.
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RE: Approaches Into New York City

Tue Dec 07, 1999 1:47 am

I don't know anything about that, especially since whenever I fly to New York, I always fly into Newark. I do recall, however, being on top of the world trade center, and seeing a Northwest DC-9 fly over, heading to LGA. It was low enough for me to read NORTHWEST on it.
Now, can anyone tell me why approach into EWR always involves a rather elaborate series of turns, banks and circles? Why isn't it never a straight shot in until final? LAX, you fly straight in....I can "trace" the approach path into LAX eastward to about Cabazon, CA....which is out in the desert about 80-90 miles east of LAX.