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LAX Other Terminal

Mon Dec 06, 1999 4:37 pm

Is there a terminal or something else near the end of runway 6 and 7 at lax because a egypt air 777 didnt go to the international terminal and a Philippine A340 and Thai 747 was there too.

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RE: LAX Other Terminal

Mon Dec 06, 1999 5:08 pm

There's alot of ramp area out there west of the AA and Fedex facilities and south of taxiway Echo, and my guess is that the above aircraft were just parked there due to lack of gate space. Aircraft (with longer ground-times) have to moved around all the time out there...
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RE: LAX Other Terminal

Mon Dec 06, 1999 9:40 pm

I believe that LAX has some aircraft park there if there is not space available at the Bradley Terminal. The airport then busses people to immigration at Bradley.